Thursday, January 31, 2013

February Mina Maven Katia Quinteros

Where are you from and where do you live now?

I was born and raised in Miami Florida, where I have had the pleasure of living for 29 years :)

How long have you been working as a stylist and hair dresser?

I enrolled in beauty school in 2006, I started working at a salon as an assistant on my first day of beauty school. Within a year I went from being a receptionist soon after a shampoo girl and than finally a hairdresser with my own chair. I wasted no time.

What are three of your favorite styling products right now and why?

Wow narrowing it down to just three is going to be hard because there so many....
I cannot live without Kerastase leave in conditioner. It's extremely moisturizing and leaves your soft, shiny and even helps tame the frizz. Another amazing product by Kerastase that every woman living in this lovely humid weather should own is Elixer Kultime. It is a light oil serum that tames frizz and also smells amazing. And my third favorite product of all time is volumizing tonic by Aveda. If you are looking for some major volume and body at the root then this is a must have.

If a woman is bored with her hair, what's your advice for a quick and easy style switch to get her out of that rut?

Trying out a new haircut is always a good idea.. For those who do not want anything drastic perhaps a bang trim. If you are not ready to chop chop then I always recommend trying out a new style .. Maybe investing in a curling iron and add some waves or fun curls.. You can also lighten a few strands at the bottom of your hair to give you a little sun kissed Victoria's Secret feel. It's very low maintenance and gives you a subtle change.

What is you favorite look that you have created?

Just recently I styled my clients hair with finger waves and a deep side part.. I was slightly obsessed!! Very simple and understated but always timeless.
You have recently been featured in a few magazines, tell us a little bit about that?

I was featured in Allures January issue of Rising stars.. It's such an honor because there are so many talented hairdressers in South Florida. I was also featured in Refinery 29 for best blow dries in Miami.. It's great to be recognized for something that I take so much pride in. I love what I do. My favorite part about my job is making people feel happy and good about themselves..


If I were interested in having come you to my house to have my hair done is that possible or do we have to go to you?

I work at Bliss Intoxicating Beauty at 5829 SW 73rd St South Miami (305) 662-2944 Tuesday-Saturday... But if you call with at least two weeks notice I can arrange to go to you. I work a lot of weddings on the weekends so booking in advanced is key.

Is there a certain time period or style icon you look to for inspiration?

I love love love volume and texture so a few of my favorite style icons are Bridgette Bardot, Marylin Monroe, Madonna, Farrah Fawcett, the list can go on and on... I also look at celebrities that always have impeccable hair that's effortless, sexy and current such as Kate Bekingsale and Blake Lively.

What are some tips for single moms trying to balance a full time career and being a full time mom?

It's definitely very hard at times but the best advise I can give is HUSTLE!!! Make the most if your time because time is scarce and very precious. Having a good support system is also so important when trying to juggle a very demanding job and a family.

Some clients fly you around the world to do their hair, what has been your favorite experience?

Paris has been my favorite thus far. And not just because it's such a beautiful
city but because of the work I did. Everyday was a new theme and event.. I was able to create beautiful hair styles that I don't get to do on a daily basis. the Bahamas has also been One of my favorite job sites.

Any beauty secrets?

less is more !!!!

What is your favorite part about shopping at Mina Miami Beach?

Marianne Minagorri is my number one favorite part!  Then it's the clothes !!!!! The Minagorri girls always have a store full of amazing clothes that's young ,different and edgy. It's also kinda become the local hangout for all the girls!
What advice you you give to young girls today that want to follow in your footsteps?

A good education is so vital in this industry. Taking classes and just watching and learning from your peers whenever you can is so important. And just going for it.. Take risks and make mistakes!!!!!

Leave us with your favorite quote
A girl knows her limits... But a wise girl knows she has none.  - Marylin Monroe

Photo Credit:
Mayleen Gonzalez

Melissa Valenzuela


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