Thursday, February 18, 2010

Meet our Mina Girl of the week Krizia Bajos

Krizia took some time out of her busy schedule full of castings, fittings and tables reads to sit down with Mina Miami Beach and answer some questions.

Even though she lives in Los Angeles she is an avid Mina Miami Beach shopper snagging a new item every week. How does she do it? Easy.... while she Ichat's with the owners Michelle, Marianne and Monica Minagorri, they try it on  and model it for her over video chat and she picks her favorite pieces. From there, the items are shipped right to her door step in three days. Not a bad way to shop...

 Mina: What's your one "must have" item that you purchased at Mina Miami Beach?
 Krizia: Grey purse with three compartments that holds everything from my head shots to an extra outfit, and my leather number because I get too many compliments on the vixenish dress.

Mina: Do you plan on wearing Mina on the red carpet?
Krizia: Duh

Mina: What do you feel sexiest in casual or dressed up?
Krizia: Dressed up definitely because you've put it all out there. But in dancer gear too, leggings, oversized shirts, hair perfectly out of place. Because its tousled and shows off the right spots and says, it wont be that hard to get out of this. 

Mina: How did you hear about Mina Miami Beach?
Krizia: I went to high school with these lovely ladies. Plus Moni's been giving me clothing since 6th grade, (remember the black tight long sleeve number with the white "spots" riddles all over it?) Yeah, I have it in storage. 

Mina: Where can someone go to learn more about the work you have done? Do you have a website?
Krizia: or my IMDB page 

Mina: What do you find most attractive about shopping at Mina Miami Beach?
Krizia: Everything is cleanly laid out. I dont feel claustrophobic when rummaging the racks. And there isn't too much in there that you get dizzy and don't feel like digging in.... ahem: forever21 style. Plus they offer cafesito and champagne! Where else do you get that??

Mina: Has living in LA changed your view on fashion at all? 
Krizia: Definitely. Less is more here. Miami is mostly about just showing the curves any way possible. LA is much more laid back and there's a mystery appeal to their style. It's cool to look like you dont care. Perfect for when I really don't.
Above Krizia is wearing a dress she purchased at Mina, she wore this dress to a Post Grammy party in Los Angeles. Thank you Krizia for sitting with us today, much appreciated. Now get back to your fabulous life in Hollywood!

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  1. She is so beautiful... wow, Congrats and much success.