Wednesday, August 24, 2011

August Mina Maven Christina Brooke Crawley

In this day and age it is rare to find something different, something that hasn't been done before. Sure we see different designs everyday but what separates one from the next is one's own individuality. That is exactly what Mina Miami Beach discovered with La'Mod by Christina Brooke. With Christina Brookes line of leather handbags and accessories for the uptown everyday girl with a little edge, she sets the bar pretty high. Christina has mixed a fusion of colors and materials creating a rare and sexy design for her handbags and signature scarf necklaces. Mina took a few minutes to sit and talk with this beautiful Miami native. Below read the Q&A and get a little insight into Christina Brooke's personal life and career. With a talent like hers the sky is the limit.

1. Tell me a little bit about your background?
 I was born and raised in Miami, Fl I am a trained vocalist and spent most of my years growing up performing in various productions including operas like Carmen and Tosca. The Arts and design have always been close to my heart even in middle school you would often find me revamping old clothes to make them in again. So of course I had to study something in design, so I graduated from FIU with a bachelors in Architecture. After graduation I was accepted to some fabulous masters programs for architecture including the Southern California Institute for Architects (SCI-ARC), but decided to decline the acceptance for a few years to purse another dream fashion and that's when the idea of La' Mod was born.

2. What inspired you to start your own line?
When designing in the field of architecture you are sometimes very limited to what you can actually build so accessories and fashion was a way for me to let go of all my designs without such strong restrictions. I wanted to create a line where there is a visibly strong focus on the design but at a price point that everyone could buy it. La' Mod by Christina Brooke is a leather handbag and accessories line with innovative and cutting edge fashion accessories.

3. What is a Mod Girl?
A mod girl is what we call our girl, a strong woman with a uptown vibe with a little edge! Because every woman wants to be strong, beautiful and a little sexy!

4. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
In five years, well I always think big so.. In five years I see La'Mod branching into clothes or shoes as well as having maybe a few La'Mod stores.

5. What do you enjoy most about shopping at Mina Miami Beach?
The vibe, its such a cool fun place to be and of course seeing my good friends there is an added bonus. The Minagorri girls have done a wonderful job keeping the boutique upbeat and on trend!
6. Describe what an ideal date would be for you?
Honestly I work so much that an Ideal date for me is doing absolutely nothing at home with my dog codie and Love Alex.

7. Looking back, what advice would you give to your high school-self now if you could?
Do exactly what you are doing, because you are going to have a fantastic time and all the things you are going to go through are going to make you who you are today!

8. What do you do when you are not working so hard?
Drawing, I spend a lot of time sketching, I love traveling especially out of the country I am lucky to have visited some amazing places and still theres a whole lot I need to see.

9. Tell us about the best part of designing your own line?
Everything you do is based off of an idea you had in your head that turns into this amazing product and then you get to see people wearing it, its great. I love to see peoples reaction, its so fun to learn what people like or don't like, its quite interesting.

10. What do you think of todays' trends?
I am not so into the 80's thing thank god thats ending. I really would just like to start a few trends really.. lol

11. Who is your inspiration/role model?
I have a few my mother of course because honestly there is no one on this earth like her, my father for his business teaching me about business and of Course my longtime boyfriend for being the one person who saw I had a true passion for something and has been helping me all the way with just about all the business side of the company.

12. If I wanted to purchase something from La' Mod where would I go to see the merchandise?
La' Mod by Christina Brooke will be launching in October 2011! Our Lookbook is up on We will have an online retail store on our website opening late October, and of course we will be selling wholesale to retail locations interested in carrying our products. We also have plans to open our first retail store sometime in the near future.

13. If you could give general advice to young girls today what would it be?
Follow your dreams, do what you are truly passionate about so that at the end you feel like you did everything you wanted and have no regrets!

14. Leave us with your favorite quote!
You are the master of the word until spoken and then its the master of you

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    "You are only as wealthy as your friends allow you to be, so keep only the rich ones"-KingGing

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