Wednesday, August 25, 2010

August Mina Maven Nicole Cunningham

What is your current profession?
I am the Director of Client Relations for an International Business and Tax Consulting firm in the Gables. Basically, I am a professional schmoozer. I meet with present and potential clients on a daily basis and eat alot and drink alot of coffee. its the best job in the world and i will probably never leave.

Tell us a little bit of the different non for profit work you have done?
I worked for the American Cancer Society for 2 and half years. I coordinated fundraising events, recruited volunteers, and actively connected the community with all the services ACS has to offer. It was some of the most rewarding work of my life and it truly made me appreciate the gift of life that so many of us take for granted. When you are constantly interacting with people that are starring death in the face, its a beautiful thing to see just how much they appreciate each and every day. I learned alot and I plan on continuing my non profit work in the future. its a deal i made with myself when i entered the corporate rat race.

Would the 15 year old version of you be pleased with where you are today?
Yes, I am exactly where I want to be.

Would the 30 year old you be pleased with who you are today?
No, no. My 30 year old self is a harsh woman and would expect alot more. She's pretty intense, i can already tell.

What is you relationship status?
Single, Tri-lingual, and NOT ready to mingle. The dating scene terrifies me. Ill just wait for Mr. Perfect to show up at my door, that still happens right?

Give us your description of the perfect guy?
brilliantly funny, witty, smart, intellectual, likes my music, has a strong signature, wears CREED, Colgate smile, independant, and most importantly, he doesnt question me in any way.

What is the best way to approach if I was a guy and wanted your number?
hmm..i hate being approached unless ive 'summoned' you. If i avoid eye contact at all costs, take the hint buddy. If im burning a hole through your face from across the room, take the hint buddy.

Have you been in love?
I think 'love' is a relative term. but in my terms, i think i have been in love, maybe not to someone else. id like to be in love in the standards of Rumi, Hafiz, or Shakespear...we'll see.

Do you have trouble balancing a career and social life in Miami?
Yes, meetings in the morning after a thursday night are brutal. You have to know when to remain 'on point' and go to sleep early like a good girl and when you can 'splurge.' I pride myself on always prioritizing. It can be the worlds greatest party that will only happen once in a lifetime, but if I have a really important meeting in the morning, I will easily go right to sleep and wake up feeling great and ready to conquer the world.

What do you do on your spare time? 
I LOVE to read, on any given Sunday you can find me in the Self Improvement section of Barnes and Noble. I love business books and books about positive thinking (its my Mantra) also a blogger i love that i will be able to read it when im 60...its like a time capsule of thoughts

What inspires your wardrobe?
my ideal work outfit is a Charcoal penil skirt, white silk button down, louboutin pumps, pearls, and mauve lipstick.  For night time, im a jeans and tank top kind girl, for a big night out, dresses all the way. I dont look good in 'loose, flowy' things, so i do tight, Kim K. style. Hey, gotta work with what you have.

The transition from Friday morning work nicole to friday night vixen, is there a big difference in the wardrobe?
God id hope so! haha jk. Yes, I like short dresses. its my vice.

What advice would you give to girls that dont have the time go home and change between work and happy hour? Whats the best way to spice up a work outfit?
believe it or not, there is sometimes no need to spice it up. There is nothing more attractive than a classy, business woman. Leave it to the other girls to 'spice it up' so you can be that one that stands out.

Being a young, beautiful successful business woman has to have its perks.... tell me them? 
Its fun suprising men that think you're the 'standard miami girl waiting for prince charming to come pay for her drink' I buy my own drinks, thank you very much!

What keeps you motivated every morning?
Financial freedom. in every sense of the way. I want to be able to go and do whatever i want on my own account without having to count on anyone. I want to splurge on rock shrimp on a random tuesday, fly my mother to europe (she's never been, and ive been TWICE for months at a time), drive whatever i want, and not have to worry about it.

What inspires your wardrobe?
'whatever looks good' whether its trendy, out of style, tacky, cliche, 'too much', i just go for whatever looks best at the moment and how i FEEL in it. if

What advice would you give young girls today?
be comfortable in solitude, dont count on anyone else to support you but yourself, never settle for anything less than what you WANT, read alot of business books, read The Secret, dont bother with diets, drive with the windows down, and never take anything too seriously that you wouldnt remember a year from now.


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