Tuesday, September 21, 2010

September Mina Maven Natalie Martinez

On a normal day, you can find Natalie at the local farmers market buying fresh vegetables for the latest recipe her mom sent her or walking down the street of her new Royal Oak, Michigan neighborhood with her two dogs checking out the local stores and chatting it up with her neighbors, she also loves hosting dinner parties for her new friends. If you didn't know her you would think she was a local Detroit resident.  Natalie was born and raised in Miami Fl, she comes from a large Cuban family that she describes as one of the most important things in her life. Natalie left Miami at the age of 17 after coming in first place in the nationwide model search for Jennifer Lopez's clothing line. She booked a photo shoot in Los Angeles and instantly decided to move there. She continued to model, and eventually started getting called for acting jobs, although this is not what Natalie had expected she would be doing at 18 she took the opportunities and eventually booked the lead in the movie Death Race. After that movie the offers started rolling in and Natalie booked the TV show she is currently filming right now in Detroit, Michigan Detroit 187 which premiers at 10 pm September 21, 2010 on ABC. 

I was able to fly into Detroit and spend sometime with Natalie recently, and join her on the set of her new show. The vibe was incredible, the cast and crew were all so sweet and welcoming. In between takes Nat sat next to me and answered a few questions. 

1.Tell me a little bit about your character on Detroit 187? 
She is a tough girl, she grew up in Detroit. She has a really interesting story to tell. She has an edge to her, but she is also really compassionate, which I love about her. 

2. What do you miss most about Miami aside from family and friends? 
The Beach and all the cuban food...  

3. What do you enjoy most about Mina Miami Beach? 
Mina is a great place to shop, there is always something new every week so it never gets boring. And the prices are pretty incredible, not to many places have all these must have items for under 100. It also doesn't hurt that the owners Ichat with me and show me what they got in and send it to me where ever I am.

4. How would you describe your sense of style? 
I like bold pieces, comfort comes first, so I am laid back but I also like to be sexy... not too sexy though. 

6.What's a good first date for you?
I am an Outdoorsy girl, so any kinda of festival would be good. 

5. Do you plan on ever moving back to Miami? 
My home will always be Miami, wherever my job takes me I am sure I will enjoy, but I plan to always have a house here. 

6. Which is one of your favorite designer's that Mina Miami Beach currently carries? 
Karlee Feed Your Head, love her head pieces,and her jewelry. Like to mix and match them. 

7. What is your favorite dish to cook? 
I make this tomato salad that I love. Its one of my moms recipes. I can have it for breakfast lunch or dinner. 

8. Tell me a little about your family? 
I have a huge family, I am one of 10 grandchildren. We go through everything together and are extremely close, I can always count on them. My mom started my career by pushing me to go to the competition in the first place. Thanks MOM!

9. What do you love about the nightlife in Miami? 
That everyone is always down for a good time. There is so much life here. 

10. What is a must have item in your closet? 
A white T shirt, I am a jeans and T shirt kinda girl. 

11. How is it working with such big names in Hollywood? 
You can learn a lot from them, I have been very fortunate, they have all been so great and grounded. I have created so many great relationships with them. I am not intimidated by them, I actually just embrace the fact that we are working together and try to learn as much as possible. 

12. If you could give some advice to woman today what would it be?  
" Todo con su paciencia nada con fuerza" be true to yourself and things will fall into place. And in the wise words of Willie Chirino "lo que esta pa ti nadie te lo quita" 

Needless to say Natalie was an obvious choice for a Mina Maven. She is a smart, beautiful, talented young girl that did not let anything stand in the way of her dreams. I can personally attest to all the hard work Natalie has put into her career. Many may think these opportunities just landed on her lap, but nothing can be further from the truth, Natalie is one of the most determined women I know. We here at Mina Miami Beach could not be more proud of her. This is just the beginning of a long career. Someone once told me Natalie should brace herself for Hollywood, that it was a tough place. I think Hollywood should brace themselves for Natalie. 


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