Monday, October 7, 2013

New Merchandise at Mina Miami Beach's New Showroom!

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Model Evalina Artagaveytia

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Mina Miami Beach gets some love from Haute Living Magazine

One of the Mina Miami Beach owners Monica Minagorri and her partner at Mondrian Evelyn Castro were recently featured on Haute Living Magazine and Mina Miami Beach got a shout out!!!! Naturally the girls are wearing the latest outfit they snagged from Mina. We love dressing everyone from the beach to the boardroom we always have something for every occasion. Check out their interview below. Thanks for the love Haute Living!

Monica Minagorri and Evelyn Castro

Photo Credit: Mayleen Gonzalez

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

June's Mina Maven Ana Villafane

Ana, where did you grow up and where do you live now?

I grew up in Miami and moved to LA when I was 19.

Being a Latina in Hollywood, what are some thing's you do when you get home sick?

My best friend has a huge, loud, tight-knit Mexican family, so when I need a dose of Latin culture I go stay with her for a few days. There’s also my favorite Cuban restaurant in Hollywood, Floridita, that becomes a salsa club on certain nights. They have Christmas lights up year-round, amazing live music, perfect mojitos, and everyone knows each other- going there feels like going home.


You sing and act, which do you prefer?

They’re so different! Singing came first, and acting came along later. My dream was to do musical theatre on Broadway, until my first time on set. Then film and TV became the focus. Being a working actress is very fulfilling because it’s such a challenge for me. My voice was actually kind of a secret until I did RENT in Hollywood, so singing as part of my career only crept up on me recently.


What are some of your beauty secrets?

When not on set, I’m painfully unglamorous. I have an obsession with chap stick and use a $3 moisturizer with SPF 15 every day. Hair is key in my opinion, because with make-up I’m the “less-is-more” type. Benefit’s Bene-tint is my go to product for a natural flush, and I use a water-based Chanel foundation because it’s so light. When I do go for a more dramatic look, it’s a big contrast and takes people by surprise. Lately I love playing up my eyes. Most importantly- I’m constantly drinking water.

Who would you say inspires your style?

That’s always evolving. I do love Miranda Kerr’s polished street style. On the rare occasion that she’s actually dressed.


What beauty secrets have you learned from the women in your family?

Among many things, I associate my mother with exquisite perfume. My dad travels and brings her fragrances from all over the world, so my mom has an amazing collection. She’s mastered the art of having different scents for different occasions- which I do now. She also taught me to never fall asleep with make-up on.


You are about to be the artist behind the Foundation for Human Rights in Cuba (FHRC). How did you get involved, and how can other people help?

The FHRC is an amazing group of people striving to promote the long-awaited transition toward a free and democratic Cuba. Being half Cuban, I was approached with the offer to sing for their upcoming campaign, which is all about getting information to those who need it most on the island and connecting Cuba to the rest of the world. The writing is in development now, and will be released with a viral video exposing the reality of life in Cuba. I’m passionate about the cause and honored to be a part of it!


You act as the “face” of The Arthritis Foundation in Los Angeles. How did you get involved with them and how has arthritis impacted your life?

I’ve been living with arthritis since I was 7 years old, so the Arthritis Foundation has been in my life for a while. Raising arthritis awareness is my main concern since it’s the leading cause of disability and an invisible disease. I try to emphasize that it affects over 300,000 kids just in the United States. There are a lot of negative connotations when it comes to living with a disability, so I’ve made it my personal mission to contest that and hopefully inspire others to do so as well.


What do you feel is your role in young Hollywood?

There’s definitely a responsibility I feel towards making an impact. I’m really grateful to have a career that I love, and I think my role right now is to keep my integrity and not become just another face in the crowd. There is so much talent and so much potential in young Hollywood these days- it’s all a matter of how you use it.


You come from a large family. What is one of your favorite memories growing up in Miami?

I’m the second of four kids, so there was never a dull moment in our house. My favorite memories are when we rented condos or giant suites every summer. Cousins would fly in from out of town, and we’d stock up at Publix to live at the beach for a week. I loved going to dinner or the movies on Lincoln Road while tired and burned after a long day in the sun. Those mini-vacations were amazing, and we didn’t even really leave home. Plus “Grease” was always on VH1 those summers.


We want to keep our eyes out for you, what are you currently working on?

I just guest-starred on season 4 of “Rizzoli & Isles” which premieres June 25 on TNT. This month I’ll be in the Dominican Republic for the FHRC campaign shoot. I’m also working on a lot of music attached to an upcoming series about Miami, which is crazy exciting but still completely under-wraps. The most thrilling part of this industry is having tons going on at once while not knowing what comes next.


What is your go-to item in your closet?

I have a pair of low chunky-heeled black boots that go with anything, and I can always rock a denim button-down shirt. Those are my “saca-apuro” clothes.


What is one of your favorite things about shopping at Mina Miami Beach?

Anyone who’s ever met the Minagorri  girls knows they has fun, flawless taste. That standard is what you can expect from shopping at Mina, which means you’re guaranteed high quality. Sometimes I get impatient fishing through clothing racks for must-have pieces. Mina is great because it’s intimate and you can walk in confident that you’ll find what you’re looking for.


What advice would you give to young girls that want to follow in your footsteps?

There is no formula for success. The main thing is to believe in what you’re doing and enjoy it.


Leave us with your favorite quote.

“Do what you feel, feel what you do.”
 To follow/contact Ana
Instagram: @aanavee

Photos by: Tony Gajate and Troy Roberston

Thursday, May 9, 2013

May Mina Maven Lorena Rodriguez

 Where are you from originally?

I was born in Puerto Rico and my father was Cuban.  I came to Miami when I was a baby and have been raised here ever since. I am grateful to have been raised in a city with such a strong Spanish influence, so I never lost touch with my roots.  
What are you working on currently?
I'm working on making a name for myself and breaking into the fashion industry. I have been working with some great Miami based clothing companies and jewelry lines as a spokes model and I just can't wait to see it take off.  

What is your goal in the next few years?
The skies the limit! I would love to see myself in Vogue, Harper Bazaar, or any other high fashion magazine as a spokes model for a major fashion house.
What is your favorite item in your closet?
I can't just choose one! Between my snake skin white and black Christian Louboutins that match with absolutely everything or my high waisted ripped white shorts that are perfect for Miami weather.

Who inspires your sense of style?
Nicole Richie without a doubt. From her hippie, bohemian everyday look to her stunning red carpet gowns, she can do no wrong by me!
Tell us a little about being a young mom in Miami?
Being a young mother, no matter where in the world, is a difficult yet rewarding experience. My son is the reason I push myself to move forward and accomplish everything I set my mind to.  I am blessed to have a very large family that I can depend on and that supports me in any way possible and for that reason I am able to pursue my dreams and goals.


What advice would you give to young woman that want to break into the modeling world?
If this is your passion, don't ever give up and don't become discouraged. There's always going to be some one "prettier or skinner or taller" than you, but that's the opinion of that particular client. And the most important advice I can give anyone is don't ever burn a bridge, you never know when you may have the opportunity to work with someone again or how people in this very small world are connected. 
How long have you known you wanted to start modeling?
Since I was 16. As most girls in high school were starting to come into their woman bodies, I was still very skinny and a little insecure. But all I kept hearing from my family and even strangers in the street was how I should pursue modeling. My brother in law in particular would always compliment me on how photogenic I was and not to let that go to waste. After I had my son I decided it was time to take his advice and run with it. 
How do you go about booking jobs? 
You have to network to get work! There's always something going on in Miami, so you just have to put yourself out there and talk to people. You never know who you're going to meet that can be beneficial to your career.
 Leave us with your favorite quote.
Life is too short to be anything but happy.

Photography by:
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Friday, April 19, 2013

April Mina Maven Katrina Fumagali

Where are you from?

I was born and raised in the beautiful Miami, Florida.

Tell me a little about what school you go to and what you are studying.

 I earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Architecture from Florida International University in 2010 and am now excited to be graduating from Clemson University (South Carolina) this May with a Master’s Degree in Architecture.


What are your plans after graduation?

I plan on moving back to Miami to pursue my career as a successful Architect. Miami is the perfect place to be; it was this city that has made me fall in love with architecture, design and fashion.


Who inspires your fashion sense?

 I’d have to say Kate Middleton. She dresses appropriately for any occasion … and is just flawless. I love that she has created her own style and that every girl who sees her as a fashion icon can put their outfits together to dress just like her. Not to mention, her confidence makes her look extra spectacular no matter what outfit she wears.


Describe your sense of style to me.

 My friends often say, “that’s such a Katrina outfit.” I love bright and trendy colors. I always like to have a pop of color no matter what I wear, even if it’s just an accessory or some lipstick. Being stylish does not mean your bank account has to suffer; it’s all about how you put your outfit together and accessorize.


What is your one must have item in your closet?

Wedges! Wedges make you look long and lean without trying too hard. These shoes give you the option of making your outfit dressy or casual; and the best part is... they are comfortable!

 Whas been your favorite college memory?

 My favorite college memory has to be when I won Homecoming Queen in 2009 at Florida International University. I had so much support from my family, friends and sorority sisters. It was great to network and get to know so many people. It was such a proud moment and was honored to represent such a wonderful university.


What do you think is the most challenging part of being a college student?

Balance. Balancing studying, having a social life and keeping in touch with family are extremely tough. I’ve learned to prioritize and to take things one day at a time; my true family and friends will always be there to support me no matter what. Becoming an Architect has always been a dream of mine, and going away to graduate school was a sacrifice itself, but one of the best choices I’ve ever made.


Where do you see yourself in five years?

I see myself being a successful Architect and happily married. I do want a family of my own and hope to one day be as happy as my parents are.


What advice would you give to young girls that want to follow in your footsteps?

You can honestly do anything you set your mind to! If I hadn’t challenged myself, I wouldn’t be where I am today.


Leave us with your favorite Quote.

 “Always look your best; you never know when you’re going to meet your future husband” – my mom



Sunday, March 3, 2013

March Mina Maven Jenny Ortiz

1. Tell us a little bit about growing up in Miami?

I love this town! I grew up in the suburbs and had the typical high school experience. Now I live on the beach and, for the time being, can’t imagine living anywhere else.
2. How has the Latin culture impacted your career move and choices?
Being a Latina gives me a natural confidence and pizzazz which translates into my career and choices. But really I am just a happy person overall and no matter the culture influence that is the most important aspect I bring to the table whenever I am working on something that I am passionate about. 
3. What is one article of clothing in your closet that you can not live without?
Right now I am obsessed with this new invention I came up with. It’s called the FER, which is a convertible fashion accessory that can be worn many different ways. It is a cozy mix between a scarf and a light sweater but you can also wear it on beach days and will be available to the public in time for Fall. I wear mine all the time and can't live without it :)
4. Tell me a little bit about interviewHer and what your position in the company is? is an online magazine, social network, and Executive recruiting firm. Initially, the idea behind the entire website was only to highlight and promote successful individuals with a core focus on women. Fast-forward four years and it has become a platform for the ladies we interview for the magazine, the executives we interview and place in corporate companies, and it has also become a platform for ourselves.
All of the hard work we have put into has allowed us to extend our vision in helping entrepreneurs and giving our readers something more tangible. Last June, we launched Her City Card (, a club for women in-the-know who love to shop, play, network and discover the magic their city has to offer. Our cardholders get the exclusive deals featured on & our printed magazine.
The website, magazine and events provide a platform for our select member companies to receive exposure to new customers. Our model also helps create a cult following and repeat business for our Member Companies. The fun continues at our fabulous events!
I founded and run both companies with the help of some really talented and supportive people.
5. How do you locate the woman that you interview for and what is some criteria these woman would have to meet?
We look for community influences who have unique and inspirational stories about how they got to where they are now. I especially like to interview women who are candid and proud about the challenges they have faced and overcome as they built careers and businesses.
6. You host some of the most fun fashion events in Miami, tell us about them?
Thank you! :) We're so happy you like them. The formula to our events is to bring women in South Florida access to discounts and special offerings from the most amazing companies in the area. Whether it is a fashion brand, beauty experience, or delicious food, we want the women who attend our events to be able to have fun as they “play, shop, network and discover.”

7. Who has inspired your fashion sense?

I have always had my own fashion sense, so there isn’t any one celebrity or designer in particular. I will admit I get inspired when watching movies that feature great fashion.

8. If we wanted to read any of your articles or be invited to the next Her City event where would we go?
Always check out and Also, follow us on Twitter and Facebook for the latest news and updates!
 9. Have you always known you wanted to work in the fashion world?
I haven’t. I always loved fashion but wasn’t sure how to turn that love into a part of my career. As you can tell, I have incorporated it in many different ways into my businesses. Each way is totally unique and gives me a way to experience fashion on a day-to-day basis.
10. Any beauty secrets?
Yes! I get regular facials with Gigi’s Soul Garden. She is extremely talented and always makes me glow! Her City Card members can actually get a discount on her services.
11. What is your favorite part about shopping at Mina Miami Beach?
The selection is incredible. You carry the best options I know I can go in with no clue what to wear and walk out with tons of options I am excited to wear. Sometimes I like it all too much and can’t help myself!
12. What advice would you give to any young girl today that would like to follow in your footsteps?
Trust yourself and listen to your instincts. If you have a gut feeling that a business decision you are making is wrong, don’t ignore it.
13. Leave us with your favorite quote.
Everything happens for a reason!
Photos by:
Patty Nash
Makeup by:
Cleo Jorge

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