Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Mina Miami Beach Summer Accessories

Shipping is available

Earrings $24.00

Ring $23.00

Assorted Bead and Crystal Bracelets starting at $25.00

Necklace $38.00
3 style's available

Karlee Feed Your Head 
Blue and White Beads, White Tassel, Rose Gold Bead 

Black Bag Gold Studs $64.00 

 Clutch $52.00

Bead Ring Set of Three $28.00

Beaded Rings Light Blue Set of Three $28.00

Cascade Earrings $20.00

Earrings $24.00

Sterling Silver, Gold Plated Necklace $36.00

Sterling Silver, Gold Plated Skull Necklace $36.00

Sterling Silver, gold plated necklace $36.00

Sterling Silver, Gold Plated Star Necklace $36.00

Chain with Pendant and Earrings $28.00

Bangles $32.00 for set of 4

Earrings $32.00

Earrings $18.00

Earrings $32.00

Assortment of hand made bead bracelets
Set starting from $40 

Earrings $36.00

Buddha Bracelets $18.00


  1. Love the pink bead bracelet with the Om sign. How much?

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