Thursday, July 21, 2011

July's Mina Maven Mel Valenzuela

This month's Mina Maven is Mel Valenzuela. Mina Miami Beach was able to catch this busy beauty in between flights to sit down and ask her for some beauty tips, take a look at her personal life and even get a little inside information on her new position as Beauty Editor for the hottest beauty website out now
Mel, give us a little background. Where did you grow up? Where are you originally from?
I was born and raised in Miami Fl, with Cuban/Spanish decent. People never guess it though.

We hear you are the new Beauty Editor at what is the site about and what are your responsibilities?
I'm really excited to be a part of the hottest new website for beauty. The site will be your ultimate beauty resource, a one stop shop for all beauty needs and I will be managing their editorial page and content.

What celebrities have you worked on, in your career as a professional makeup artist?
I've worked with artist like Shakira, Alejandro Sanz, Ciara, Nikki Taylor and Carmen Electra, to name a few.

Mina loves a story where a Miami Girl does well. How did you get to become successful and get such a great list of clients?
Makeup has always been a passion of mine. I started straight out of high school. It is funny because I never saw it as a career. I can work 14 hours straight and never complain once. That's my idea of a perfect job. Do something you love and you will never work a day in your life.

We gotta ask, is it purely talent or did you get training?
Ha ha yes, training was defitnitely helpful. I remember when I started all I did was wear white eye shadow all over my eye because I was scared of color. Then I learned... It's just makeup, if you do not like it, you can just take it off. What a concept!

Any quick tips on how to apply daily makeup?
Cover what you hate; Define what you love and MASCARA!

What is the one go to item that you have in your closet right now that you can't live without?
My Brush Belt!

Who has inspired your look throughout the years both fashion and beauty?
My mother, She's flawless! I remember staring at her get ready for two hours in AWE.

What is your favorite item that you have purchased from Mina Miami Beach?
Definitely my black Gaia Bikini and my Karlee Feed Your Headband. Every time I wear either of those items I get complimented. Never fails. I am a HUGE Mina Miami Beach fan. Where else can a girl walk into a store and walk out thirty minutes later with a great outfit for the night for under $100!

What is the biggest mistake woman make when applying makeup?
I hate it when I see woman following their friend's beauty regime. Just because your friend uses twelve products does not mean you have too. Find a local beauty expert, tell her/him your concerns and go from there. Or you can always email me at I'm pretty good about returning my emails.

We know your job makes you travel a lot. Is this a perk or does it become a little overwhelming sometimes?
I love my job, the traveling comes with the territory. All this traveling has definitely made me more patient. The small stuff that I used to sweat, delayed flights or traffic, don't bother me anymore. I just kinda giggle when I see someone going crazy in the airport over something that is completely out of their control.

Is there an email where someone can contact you if they want to book you for a makeup session?
Of course

What is some advice you would give young girls today that aspire to be in the same line of work as you?
Makeup artist usually have a huge ego this usually inhibits their growth. Be humble and fabulous at the same time. It is a tough business but following my advice will set you a part. Don't let anything get the best of you.

Leave us with your favorite quote.
"Lo que esta pa ti nadie te lo quita" - Willie Chirino


  1. Gotta love all the Mina Mavens.

  2. Great article Mel! You look beautiful!

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  4. Ha ha love the quote.

  5. Proud of you Mel!

  6. this is amazing!Perfect choice!! Melissa has pure instinct when it comes to make-up and fashion, she has a natural flare for mixing colors that just work even though you wouldn't obviously pick them ( I remember seeing her wear a smokey eye that was pink and navy blue that looked awesome)She has a bubbly & energetic personality not to mention gorgeous looks that makes the whole room stop & stare when she walks in the door!

  7. Can I email her and ask her to have dinner with me?

  8. great interview melz...

    "Do something you love and you will never work a day in your life. "

    love you!!!!!!!!!

    10yrs... ;-)


  9. Great article Mel! You look beautiful!

  10. Mel was a Mina Maven?! Mel and I go way back. She's great people. Good choice!!!

    Ralphy Viego