Saturday, July 24, 2010

July's Mina Maven Vanessa Ruiz

This months Mina Maven is a hometown favorite, meet Vanessa Ruiz... 

Give us a little background on you?

Born in Miami, so a local girl at heart...but my family is Colombian,
from Cali, the salsa capital of the world and where they say women are
like I feel half-and-half..half gringa/half Colombian :-)
Traveled all throughout my childhood...Went to high school in Spain,
which holds a very special place in my heart. I hope to one day be
able to return to my beloved Mallorca for good...but, for now, Miami
has been home for almost 12 years. Itching to jump ship though, and
discover new worlds. Hopefully, it will be happening soon! 

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Either in L.A. or New York hosting my own network or national cable
show or somewhere in South America with the Peace Corps...either
one would suit me just fine. 

We have heard rumors that you would like to have your own show. Are
they true? If so what would the format be?

Ah, rumors! Don't you just love them?  I've been in news for 10
years now, covering tragedies day in and day out can start to wear on
you, no matter how thick your skin is. Also, doing news, you always
have to be serious and appropriate to the situation. There really
isn't any room to show your personality. I think having the
opportunity to have my own platform where I can just be me, goofy,
silly, funny, quirky, serious, etc. would be great and a bucket load
of fun-I can promise you that!

Do you have a significant other? Are you in love?

All I will say about that is that I've won the lottery in that
department. I'm a very lucky girl! 

Tell us a little but about a day in the life with Vanessa?

First struggle to get out of bed because I usually rise
early for work but go to sleep super late. I'm a total night owl so I
feel like I never get enough sleep. After a strong thermos of coffee
(yes, a thermos..that's what it takes) I'm ready to tackle the mean
streets of Miami! Working for WSVN Channel 7 News is never boring, I
can tell you that much. One day, it's a murder, the other it's a
political scandal and then there are those days when you get sent down
to the Keys to cover the oil spill-like I said, never a dull moment.
My days are spent in a mad rush of adrenaline, running against the
clock. I have strict deadlines every day-not for the weak of heart!
After that, it's decompressing time with the fam or the bf.

How do you manage to balance your career, personal life and social life?

I admit, sometimes it can be overwhelming but everything in good
measure. Work hard, play harder.
Although I think, with time, I've become much more discerning when it
comes to the playing. 

What inspires your wardrobe? 

I've had a 'passion for fashion' since I was 10-years-old. I can
remember begging my mom to buy me W, Sassy and Vogue at that age. Who
does that?? Lol...

Through the years, I've been told that my outfits
are "very Vanessa", which I can only assume is a compliment. My
inspiration usually comes from editorial portfolios in certain
magazines or, simply, street style. I see certain pieces I like for
that particular season and then incorporate them into my wardrobe with
my own sense of style. Sophisticated, but modern and elegant.

How did you hear about Mina Miami Beach?

How could I nothear about it? The boutique is exactly what the beach
has been missing, originality and sexiness.

What is an accomplishment you are most proud of?

Definitely, my career. I'm proud to know I reached many milestones at
a young age...with a lot hard work and determination!

How does Mina Miami Beach fit into your lifestyle?

It's a one-stop-shop for the busy Miami maven. I can swing by and
scoop up that last minute going out outfit or that long comfy dress to
just lounge around the house and still look fashionable and sexy-and
at a great price!

Your ideal date consist of?

Any alone time with my boyfriend is an ideal date. Corny but true....

What advice would you give to young girls today? 

If there's something you want, whether it's a professional or personal
goal, go for it with all you have! Competition is fierce today for
almost anything that's worth anything. With hard work, determination,
consistency and a little bit of luck, the sky's the limit!

One of my favorite quotes: "Only the mediocre are always at their best."

At this point in my life, I feel I have been very blessed with the
people in my life and I recognize family, my core group of
friends and my boyfriend are what keep me sane and grounded.
Recognize all that is good in your life and give many thanks-that's my motto!


  1. Who knew Miami had such talented beautiful woman? Yet again the girls at Mina have impressed me with their choice of Mina Maven. Congrats to Vanessa, thanks for the good advice your boyfriend is a lucky man.

  2. How do i get invited to one of those private dinners?

  3. One word....Sassy.

    Congrats Vanessa!

  4. Congrats Vane,!!!
    Were very proud of you.
    Love you!

  5. Vanessa, muchas felicidades! Que hermosa eres!

    Juan Carlos

  6. Belisima Vanessa!! Did u know that Vanessa actually means butterfly¿? Congrats girl!!

  7. So beautiful, congrats on all your success Vanessa, we wish you the very best. Well deserved and a great article you also look amazing in the pictures.


  9. Wow...I never imagined such a response! Thank you to those who've posted a comment for your kind words. I'm humbled and grateful for the well-wishes.