Wednesday, May 26, 2010

May's Mina Maven Nathalie Kelley

You might have seen her on silver screen as the leading lady in Fast and the Furious Tokyo Drift, but here is a more personal look into Nathalie Kelly's closet and heart. Not only has she exceeded most people's expectations in her business career but also shows her passion for humanity through her philanthropy. She is a role model to women of any age and Mina Miami Beach is proud to call her a customer and a friend.

1. What are some accomplishments that you are particularly proud of?

This is going to sound silly, but I take pride in all the little milestones in life.  For example, learning to cook is a big deal to me, because a few years ago I couldn't even boil an egg. And now I can make ceviche almost as good as my mama!  I think its important to celebrate the little things in life.  

2. You were born in Peru and you lived in Sydney, then moved to the states. I am sure the different locations have had an impact on your sense of style. How has your style change throughout the years?

Growing up in Australia had a big impact on my style.  I think Sydney girls are very stylish yet also very relaxed.  For example, I would always wear my hair natural and run around barefoot because that's the kind of outdoorsy lifestyle that Australia is so famous for.  And later when I went back to South America to discover my roots I incorporated all kinds of Latin elements into my wardrobe.  Gorgeous woven patterned belts and shawls from Peru, coined gaucho belts and hats from Argentina (where my father is from) and teeny-weeny bikini's and beaded earrings from Brazil.  Even now, living in the States I always try to incorporate some Latin element into my style.  I love referencing old pictures of Maria Felix, Frida Kahlo and Sonia Braga.  The other day I was in Malibu wearing a one piece, off the shoulder orange jumpsuit and this man followed me to the bathroom to ask what nationality I was.  Knowing he was expecting me to say something exotic I told him in my thickest Aussie accent that I was from Sydney, and he scuttled away embarrassed!  But that's the thing about me, I am from all over the place and my style reflects that.  I like it when people ask where I got something and I reply "Oh, I got this in the Amazon, sorry." 

3. Who are some people that have inspired you throughout your life?

My mama.  I think every Latin girl would answer the same way.  And my abuela! Two strong, strong women who taught me that a man is the last thing you need to get by in this life!

4. Do you have any upcoming projects that we can see you in the future?

I have a film called Urban Explorer coming out this summer.  It's my first horror film, but it was filmed in Berlin so it has a very creepy, atmospheric European vibe to it -  so I'm excited about that.  Also at the end of the summer I will be shooting a film with Gee Linton in New York.  I don't know how much I am allowed to say about the role or the project but let's just say it's going to be the most challenging thing I've ever done. 

5. What is some of the volunteer work you have done or would like to get involved in?

Oh I hate to brag - but the stuff I have done has really changed me as a person so it's impossible to tell the story of my life without mentioning that when I was 18 I went to live in Brazil for a year to work with street kids.  And that I later worked with the Aboriginal community down at the Block in Sydney for a few years.  I also used to go into the juvenile detention centre for girls in Sydney.  I saw those girls once a week for 2 years.  They changed my life - all those kids taught me something even though at the time I thought I was teaching them.  If anything, I know now that my life and their's are interchangeable. That could have been me on the streets of South America, that could have been me in the detention center.  It's about circumstances and choices.  I think it's the community's responsibility to improve the circumstances surrounding these kids' lives so that they can make better choices.  If there's hope in your life, hope of a future, hope of employment, hope of one day having a happy family - then running away and living in the streets is not going to be an attractive option is it?  There's still so much more work I would love to do in this area, I haven't even scratched the surface.  Watch this space!

6. What advice would you give the woman of today? (general)

LOVE YOURSELVES!  It's cheesy but it's true.  If you love and value yourself, then you set an example for your sisters and daughters and friends.  If you love and value yourself, then you won't allow any man to mistreat you. If you love and value yourself then you won't look at other women as if they are the enemy.  They are your on your team - don't forget it!  Women have to stick together and look out for each other - because trust me - men have their own little secret societies, they have each other's backs!!

7. How did you hear about Mina Miami beach? 

Because all the hip little Miami Mamacita's were talking about it - and then I met Monica and I knew what all the fuss was about!  But seriously, it's a great boutique, I'm very proud of you guys. x

8. What is your one must have item in your closet?
This beautiful crochet one piece swimsuit that my Tia made for me.  The best things can't be bought, but when it is time to buy something Mina is the place to buy it!  :-)

9. If you would describe you style in one word what would it be?


10. What do you love most about shopping at Mina Miami Beach?

The selection.  Whoever is buying for you guys has a Latin touch - it's always chic but with some Miami flavor that you don't find in LA or NY.  Plus, you guys are famous now - you've got music videos being filmed there and everything!  It's like a nightclub/boutique!  xx

Mina is so grateful that Nathalie has taken time to sit with us today and answer these questions. Just by sitting with this young lady you can instantly tell she has the most beautiful peaceful glow about her, always optimistic and looking forward instead of back. She really is an inspiration and we wish her the best of luck in all her future endeavors. 


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