Friday, April 16, 2010

April 2010 Mina Maven

Does the name Ivette Sequeira sound familiar? How about Miss Klept? Or maybe you’ll recognize her as @MissKlept, for those with a Twitter account. Those without, consider this your introduction to a rising star, a musician, an artist, and a homegrown talent. Meet our April Mina Maven, Ivette Sequeira.

“Miss Klept” is open, honest and very straightforward. In fact, interviewing her wasn’t tough at all! She has no filter and she’ll be the first to admit it. A refreshing change from all the chatter we’re used to hearing. If she’s happy you’ll know it and if she’s not you’ll know it. Her mysterious natures are found in a way that are able to combine her home, culture, her music and the incredible sense of style to create beats that express her emotions. In a nutshell, Miss Klept is married to music and loves every second of it, a match made in heaven.

Her fashion sense is very much mirrored by her mood, free and unrestricted by rules or situations and able to create her own look. She is able to mix Melody Ehsani bamboo earrings with a simple cross bracelet that she purchased at Mina. She can create a statement using something as minimal as a combination of eclectic clothes sprinkled with interesting accessories, and of course her self produced hip hop beats.

Anyone who knows her knows that hip hop and Miss Klept go hand in hand. It’s what fuels her. Heavy bass and intricate melodies give her life. She can work on just about any style and genre, but hip hop is clearly what guides her.

Her current project is a mixtape in which she will be showcasing her talents working with new artists in the industry and showing the world what “she’s got”.

Ivette was blessed with a loving family and as a Cuban American girl from Miami, she was always surrounded by music. From Celia Cruz to the Beatles to Sade to the Gypsy Kings to Michael Jackson, the list goes on and on. And then there was Rosita Segovia…if you know, you know.

At a young age Miss Klept took only a few piano lessons, but ended up teaching herself. She would listen to tapes of Beethoven and then recreate the sounds on the keys. It’s what made her relationship with the piano a very intimate & personal one. Her and the keys speak their own language, they understand each other.

Miss Klept is also an accomplished graduate of a very prestigious school, Full Sail, in Winter Park, Florida. Full Sail is one of the premier entertainment, media, and arts industry schools in the United States. With a degree from Full Sail in recording arts and sound engineering she has the ability to get into any studio and work all the buttons and knobs like the big boys.

This was only the beginning for her. She got a second degree in business administration from Miami-Dade. Apparently, the long hours, crazy homework schedule & additional responsibilities didn’t scare her off the second time around. She has a drive for success that cannot be matched.

We can’t be happier with our choice for our April Mina Maven. She’s incredibly talented & produces beats that create a window to her soul. Her sense of style is no different. She’s a true Mina Maven, one that we’re proud to call our friend.


  1. Such talented beautiful woman in Miami...

  2. onefourthree klepto.


  3. Great story. Congrats

  4. I want to meet this girl.

  5. Wow! She rocks on the piano!!! Amazing!!! Go Miss Klept!

  6. I am from NYC and I recently started to follow @MissKlept on Twitter. Love this write up on her and I am excited wait to see what she has in store for us next!

  7. you look gorgeous IVAY, love you..very proud of you! you girls & carlos did a great job with the shoot!

    como te qiuero,

  8. How does someone become a Mina Maven? Love these stories.

  9. Klept your awesome... talented.... & Smart!!!!! :-) Niceeee with the keys too!

  10. Good stuff!


  11. This article is absolutely wonderful to read, I am glad to know her (albeit via twitter) but definitely a Real, Honest & soulful woman!!