Tuesday, September 4, 2012

September Mina Maven Nikki Novo

1. How has growing in Miami affected you career choice?

Growing up in Miami, you can’t avoid the influence of Latin culture. All Hispanic cultures place a lot of emphasis on family and the importance of servicing each other. Being raised with that mindset has taught me to serve my tribe, and my immediate tribe is Miami. When I started my career, I started off as a city writer. I was an editor for Miami magazine and then the Miami editor for DailyCandy. In those positions, my job was to shed some light on the amazing people in this city who were doing amazing things. I would tell their stories, and I loved my job because of it. I’ve stayed here, and continue to launch products here, because I have a strong desire to raise the collective conscious of Miami through my work. I feel it’s my duty because the city has been one of my greatest teachers.



2. Currently you started writing a self help/love blog, tell me a little bit about why you started it and what your future plans are for the blog.

Ah, yes, The Art of You & Me. I started blogging in 2008. At first it was really a place for me to just write and develop my skills. There was no real purpose behind it. A few weeks after I launched the blog, I found myself newly single. So, eventually, the blog became a blog about my bad dates. But in writing about my dating experiences, I learned a lot about myself and I also learned that people were relating to me. I came to understand that we all experience similar fears, and that we are really not alone.


So, I just followed the path that was put in front of me. I couldn’t see all the way through, but I honored the little steps that I could see. Ultimately, I found my current life purpose, which is to teach self-love to young women (and men if they want to read!).


The Art of You & Me is a place where people come to be inspired to fully love themselves so they can follow their road to greatness.


The blog has also given me a lot of opportunities, like speaking engagements, books, and classes. It was never really the plan, but I’m happy I answered the call.



3. You are also working on writing your first book. What is it about? Where do you find your inspiration?

 Yes, I am! Very exciting. My first book is about the dating process. It’s meant to teach people how they can actually enjoy the dating process. Because let’s be honest, dating can get really old. I happen to have a few secrets that can help anyone love the dating process. I find my inspiration through my readers, my coaching clients (I coach people who need help in the dating department), and my own relationships.


4. You also started something I found really interesting a Charm School, I have heard you describe it as Weight Watchers for the soul. Tell me about it and where can we sign up?

Weight Watchers for the soul, indeed! I’m launching Charmed Life School on September 12th at IronFlower Fitness. I’m so stoked about it. Basically, it’s a monthly meetup for people who are interested in learning how to get lucky in life, love, and career. Luck happens when you align yourself with the universe. Charmed Life School will cover a different topic every second Wednesday of the month, and each topic covers a different tool that will help you accomplish the things you are meant to accomplish in life. We’ll talk about things like getting over fear, bad dating patterns, finding your life purpose, etc. Just like Weight Watchers meetups but without all the guilt and judgment!



5. When people hear Nikki Novo they think Fashionista, Fashion Writer, Editor.... what inspired you to make the change from fashion to self help?

Why, thank you. I never thought of myself that way! My first editor mentor taught me to always service my reader. My positions with DailyCandy, Refinery29, and Allure all gave me access to the same reader: a young woman looking for something to inspire them. After really getting to know my reader, I knew there was a way I could service them even more, rather than simply introducing them to beautiful clothes and awesome beauty products. I knew I could give them more, and it was my responsibility to do so. So right now, I’m trying to service my readers by teaching self love and being an example of self love.



6. What advice would you give to young girls today that may want to follow in your foot steps?  

Well, first you have to have a vision. You must believe anything is possible for you. Then, you really have to listen to your heart for clues and follow the steps that it presents to you. Everything you need to know to guide you through life is inside of you. If you really sit in silence and listen, your inside will whisper to you to email a certain person, to apply for a certain internship, to take a certain class, to read a certain book. And that’s where the magic is. Also, a strong work ethic will get you really far. That’s my biggest secret. And I’m always working to make my work ethic even stronger. It takes daily practice. Lastly, just do. Even if you’re not ready, take a step. So my advice would be: Believe all things are possible; listen to your inner guide; develop a strong work ethic;  and make a move… like right now.


7. What is your definition of Fashion?

 Fashion to me is an expression of your inner state. If done correctly, clothes and accessories can be an opportunity to tell the story of you in a visual manner. And that story changes every day. It’s truly a beautiful process, I think.


8. How you would best describe your style?

My style is one that is ever evolving, just like myself. But in a general sense, I tend to gravitate towards pieces that are feminine, romantic, vintage, and have a bohemian flair. I also love to mix-match textures, patterns, and colors. I find an eclectic look to be more exciting than matchy matchy.  And as of late, I’m into pieces that are good for the world – meaning they give back or are sustainably made.


9. Who is someone you have always looked to for fashion tips?

 I love Kate Hudson for her ability to make bohemian look glamorous. Plus, she was once quoted saying that when she has bad days, she wears as much jewelry as possible, even if doesn’t match. How brilliant is that?


10. What do you want from all of these new projects you have recently taken on?

 This may sound romantic, but I really just want to help. I want to help people see that there is another way to live that doesn’t involve struggling. I want to start the conversation of looking inside for love rather than outside. I want to be of service and to be an instrument of peace. Big ambitious for a fashion writer, huh?


11 Tell us a beauty secret of yours.

Lots of water. Ice for pimples that want to keep growing. Pilates for lean limbs. Dr. James Fulton for acne and compassion. 


12 You have taken on the role of giving advice to woman, where do you go where you need some sound advice?

 I really try to look inside when I have a problem. Or I’ll take a yoga class or go for a run if I need some clarity. And my husband; he’s really one of the few people who can get through to me.


13. Leave us with your favorite quote.

Ah, I have so many. I love words! I’ll leave you with two:

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.” — A Course in Miracles

“You just have to keep getting out of your own way so that whatever it is that wants to be written can use you to write it.” — Anne Lamott


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