Friday, June 15, 2012

June Mina Maven

Christine Martinez de Castro 

Photography by
Margarita Lara 

Where are you from, what is your background and where do you live now? 

I am proud to say I am from Miami.  My parents are Cuban born and came to the United States when they were just kids.  I have l lived elsewhere but I am happy to be back “home” and living in Miami.

Can you give us a snapshot of a day in the life of Christine? 

As a single mother, I lead two lives.  The days I have my girls and the days with out my girls.  When I have my girls I get up at 6:30 and hit snooze. This gives me ten minutes to crawl into bed with one of my kids. Then we are all up and getting ready.  Three girls, means three hairstyles and everyone in one bathroom!  I drop everyone off at school and I am at work in the sales office in Midtown 2 by 9a.m. My day is filled with meetings and showings but when I get back home at 7pm, I make time for the girls.  We play board games or they put on a show for me and sometimes we have our own little dance parties until 8pm.  They read for 30 minutes before they are off to bed.  From 8:30 on it is me time.

You have three beautiful daughters, very close in age. We know what its like to have 3 girls in one household, sharing everything. Tell us a little bit about your experience with your three girls. 
I love that my girls are so close in age.  They fight, as all siblings do, but they are each other’s best friends. When one of the sisters is missing they act out of balance and constantly comment on her absence. 

The two youngest wear the same size clothes and shoes even though they are two years apart so they share everything and it isn’t an issue.  My oldest has taken to wearing my small t-shirts and is so proud when she does.  When the four of us walk around anywhere together I feel like we are our own little gang.  We have a good time anywhere we go.

Growing up you were the only girl in your household. Now your daughters are growing up with only girls, how do you see it different??
I love my brother’s and to this day they are my closest friends but yes, the dynamic between sisters is very different and one that is foreign to me.  I played with my brothers and we did practical jokes on each other and roughhoused.  My daughters draw pictures to each other with “I love you” and hearts.  They cuddle with each other and I hear them whispering their secrets in the back of the car. It is a totally different experience and just worlds apart.

Can you describe the personality and style of each of your girls? 

Elise, 8, wants to be a rockstar.  She loves tanks beneath off the shoulder t-shirts, fingerless gloves, fedora hats.  But she will also wear dresses with sandals and large bows.
Amelia, 6, is the best with hair.  She braids her own hair and makes her own pigtails.  She loves boots!  Dresses, shirts and shorts with boots.  And she loves wearing leggings.
Catalina, 4, is all about dresses and skirts.  If I tell her we are going to the park so she needs to wear shorts she will just put shorts under a skirt.  It pains her not to be able to wear a beautiful dress or a skirt.

       You are in real estate and doing well, have you always been involved in real estate, if not, what other work have you done?
I actually began my career in Public Relations/Corporate Communications.  I did everything from working with Telenovela stars and media training to writing the post-9/11 communications strategy for Delta Air Lines as their General Manager of Corporate Communications. 

You have a demanding career that requires a lot of your time and dedication. How do you manage 3 girls, work, family and have time for a social life?
It is all about priorities and staying focused.  My family is my priority and the reason I do what I do.  Everything else falls in place after that.

How did you begin your career in Real Estate? 
I was working as a public relations consultant and the clients were very demanding.  With the children and the workload I needed a bit of a break.  I took a step back and decided to help my uncle in the real estate office that he had recently opened. I worked as his assistant a few days a week.  My uncle was so sure I would do well that he told me to get my real estate license, he would pay for it and that I would pay him back with my first commission.  I sold two penthouses a week after I got my license.

What do you think is the biggest obstacle today for single moms on their way to being successful?
Finding balance.  It is hard to be everywhere and to be everything.  I had to miss my youngest daughter’s end of the year show because I had an important client make a last minute appointment.  I felt horrible.  I depended on family to tape it.  I think I took missing it harder than she did.  As women, I think we have have very high expectations for ourselves.

If you had any advice you could give to other moms today, what would it be? 
Raise your children to be independent and to be survivors.  I love my girls and show them with affection, but I don’t baby them.  Since they were two they have made their beds (even if it looks horrible) and set the table.  They pick up after them self.  These are not chores, this is just life. They have a sense of self and they know they have responsibilities.  I am not responsible for their school work for packing their lunch.  I have never heard them complain, it is just part of their day.  As a result, they are straight A students and I have never had to ask them to study for a test or when a project is due.  They know I have my job and they have theirs.  It just all flows.

Tell us a little about your style?  

Well it its interesting because if you read the question regarding the personality and style of my children you will find me in each of them.  I tend to be pretty simple when it comes to my style but think you can make anything look good if you wear it correctly.  I love heels and a great dress, but I am also the girl that if is going to rain…I am in rain boots.  There is nothing I love more than a dress or skinny jeans and my rain boots.  I love being able to run right through the puddles.  Honestly, any pair of boots and a cute little dress is casual and fun.  And I feel heels can dress up just about anything.  I also love dressing up wife beater tank tops and casual off the shoulder shirts. 

What is your favorite thing about shopping at Mina? 

I like that the pieces are different. I never know what I am going to find but what I do know that when I put it on it is going to be flirty and fun.

Leave us with one of your favorite quotes. 

"Not everything that counts can be counted, and not everything that can be counted counts." (Sign hanging in Einstein's office at Princeton)

Special thanks to Margarita Lara for taking these beautiful photos! 


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